Go Plastic-Free for Global Handwashing Day

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If you're not into bar soap, here's an innovative option for liquid hand soap.

Today is Global Handwashing Day, a chance to reflect on how clean hands save lives and make our world a safer place. It advocates for "all individuals, young and old, to properly wash their hands in an effort to guard against sickness, protect and ultimately save the lives of our loved ones."

Here on TreeHugger, it's a chance to think about how we wash our hands. Buying bottles of single-use liquid soap might clean our hands temporarily, but it contributes to longer-term contamination of our planet in the form of plastic pollution. And yet, many people continue to buy bottles of liquid soap, believing it makes their hands cleaner (they don't have to touch a 'dirty' bar of soap) and it's more convenient to use. We've long been encouraging the use of bar soap – preferably unpackaged – but here's an interesting alternative for those readers still attached to the idea of liquid soap.

Blueland is an eco-friendly cleaning company that just launched in April and it offers a hand soap that comes in solid tablet form. Pop the tablet into the reusable 'forever' bottle that comes with your first order, and you've got zero-waste, plastic-free, safe liquid hand soap at only $2 per refill for 9 ounces. The soap is free from parabens, phthalates, and SLS. (It also comes with 112 five-star reviews to date.)

Blueland soap starter kit

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What makes Blueland interesting is that its goal is to eliminate single-use packaging by removing water from its cleaning products. It's logical, considering that water is the one ingredient that shoppers already have at home, so why pay to ship it? Without water, bacterial growth is inhibited, so fewer chemicals are needed to prevent it.

This Global Handwashing Day, think about the way you wash your hands and ask if there's a greener way to do it. If you're not up for bar soap, trying Blueland's soap is another great option.

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