Go for the Goal With Designer Recycled Soccer Balls

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In honor of the 2010 World Cup, one company has designed a handbag made from recycled soccer balls, so sports enthusiasts can show the world they're fans of the environment too. The idea is quite simple: take a ball that has sprung a leak, turn it inside out, and there you have it--a piece of old sporting equipment magically transformed into a hot new fashion accessory your friends will sure get a kick out of--maybe even after they've done so, literally.

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Soccer balls, like the ones that will be used in the World Cup, are often made of leather--all of which is usually regarded as trash after the ball pops. There's no reason, however, that that material shouldn't be put to good use. The Reclaimed Soccer Ball Bag is available from sustainable design company Branch.

According to the company:

We loved these clever bags the minute we saw them. Made from an actual used soccer ball which has been turned inside-out, each one is entirely unique and personal. Inside each bag you'll find an interior pocket made from reclaimed truck-tarp material, which is the perfect size for toting an iPhone. You may well also find inside your bag markings from the ball's previous owner.

But, of course, handbags aren't the only things that can be made from recycled soccer balls. One German designer transformed a ball she found weathering on a beach into a one of a kind hat, called Glitterball. With just a light cleaning and some sequins, she was able to breath a little life into shoreline litter. For the designer, living by the beach is a great way to find fashion inspiration.

Photo via offwhite

I live directly beside the sea and you can find some amazing stuff on the beach. At one time, the Glitterball hat used to be a soccer football, but then it somehow ended up in the sea. Over months (or maybe even years?) the sea changed the football making it soft, and frayed, almost like a kind of fabric. Then I found it and decided to change it further into a recycled hat.