GlobalTap Hits San Francisco With Free Water Bottle Refill Program

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Getting free refills for your reusable water container can be tougher than it sounds. While it'd be nice to walk into a cafe or restaurant and ask to fill 'er up, social decorum says you should buy something to sweeten up your request. While TapIt NYC has helped thirsty folks find free water refills, that's one city - out of a whole nation of people we're trying to get to switch from bottled water to reusable containers. But GlobalTap is on the task, working to get free, accessable and clean water refill stations to those carting around containers, and they've just hit San Francisco.
San Francisco Department of the Environment (SFE) and San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) have announced new tap water partnerships as part of the City's efforts to promote "on the go" access to San Francisco's great tasting Hetch Hetchy tap water while reducing waste from use of plastic bottled water.

In other words, the city is bringing drinking fountains back. London is already on it, and Paris has statuesque drinking fountains scattered throughout the city, so why shouldn't San Francisco be right behind?

In Yerba Buena Gardens, SFE Director Jared Blumenfeld and others unveiled the pilot water refilling station from GlobalTap, an international provider of new and innovative clean drinking water refilling stations. After the pilot program, city officials hope to install more stations throughout San Francisco in 2010. Additionally, TapIt will be available in the city, so anyone with a smart phone can find a nearby business that will fill up their bottle for free.

"San Francisco has the best tap water in the world," said Laura Spanjian, SFPUC Assistant General Manager for External Affairs. "Our partnerships with TapIt and GlobalTap will make it easier for everyone to enjoy our great-tasting Hetch Hetchy tap water and reduce waste from all those plastic bottles."

Here's a short video of the unveiling of the program: