Girl Pulls 1,500-Year-Old Sword From Lake

An image of the pre-Viking-era sword pulled from a lake in Sweden earlier this summer. (Photo: Time/YouTube)

Like something out of Arthurian legend, an 8-year-old girl playing in Vidöstern lake in Sweden this summer emerged on shore carrying a 1,500-year-old sword.

According to the child, a Swedish-American named Saga Vanecek, the sword came to her not as a gift from the mythical "Lady of the Lake" but through sheer luck.

"I was outside in the water, throwing sticks and stones and stuff to see how far they skip, and then I found some kind of stick," Vanecek told The Local. "I picked it up and was going to drop it back in the water, but it had a handle, and I saw that it was a little bit pointy at the end and all rusty. I held it up in the air and I said 'Daddy, I found a sword!' When he saw that it bent and was rusty, he came running up and took it," she added

Swedish archaeologists were absolutely thrilled with the find, the first of its kind discovered in Scandinavia. As with other ancient discoveries this past summer, they say the extreme drought likely dropped the lake's water levels enough for the young girl to stumble across the artifact.

According to researchers, an initial analysis of the sword currently dates it to 1,500 years ago to the 5th or 6th century AD, pre-Viking Age.

"It's about 85 centimentres long (just over 33 inches), and there is also preserved wood and metal around it," Mikael Nordström from Jönköpings Läns Museum told the Swedish news site. "We are very keen to see the conservation staff do their work and see more of the details of the sword."

Many locals have come to calling Saga the new "Queen of Sweden," referencing the famous legend of Excalibur, the sword released by the Lady of the Lake to the rightful ruler of Britain. For others fed up with politics in general, they're willing to expand her rule to the entire planet.

According to conservation officials, it may take as much as a year before preservation efforts are finished and the sword is placed on public display.