Luke's Diner to Pop Up at Over 200 Locations

Enjoy the 'Gilmore' moment and go grab a cup of free coffee at a pop-up shop near you. . (Photo: Wikia)

Update: Well this idea was a hit! Check out the lines for one local Luke's, a pop-up in Atlanta:

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In the first minute of the first episode of "Gilmore Girls," viewers are introduced to four important characters in the TV show. Caffeine-addicted and fast-talking Lorelai Gilmore (Lauren Graham), backwards baseball cap and flannel-wearing Luke Danes (Scott Patterson), coffee and Luke's Diner. If you're unfamiliar with the show, you'll just have to trust me when I say that coffee and Luke's Diner are two central characters throughout the seven seasons of the show. Experience the first meeting of Luke and Lorelai in the video below:

That first episode debuted on Oct. 5, 2000, and to celebrate the 16th anniversary of the show's debut and the upcoming Netflix revival of my favorite TV show ever, Luke's Diners will be popping up all over the country on that day, giving out free coffee with a Luke's Diner logo sleeve — and a surprise under the sleeve.

MTV has the details:

Over 200 cafes and coffee shops (there’s at least one in each state) will be transformed into the fictional Stars Hollow greasy spoon, complete with branded t-shirts and aprons (crabby, flannel-wearing baristas are not necessarily guaranteed). To sweeten the deal, Netflix is picking up the tab for the first 250 customers at each location, who will find a “fun surprise under their custom Gilmore Girls coffee sleeve.”

I called one of the locations near me to confirm it would be a Luke's Diner pop-up shop, and to try to find out what's under the coffee sleeve. I was told, "You'll have to come in to find out." So it looks like I'll be heading out early tomorrow morning for a cup of coffee from Luke's. (I'm sure I'll Instagram my coffee and what's under the sleeve, so if you're really curious, take a look at @rshreeves on Instagram tomorrow.)

I doubt there would be a 16th anniversary celebration if it wasn't for the upcoming four-episode special "Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life," which picks up eight years after the show ended. The special episodes debut on Netflix on Nov. 25. Old fans who watched the show when it originally aired plus scores of new fans who have discovered reruns on Netflix are waiting with much anticipation to catch up with their old friends from Stars Hollow. One of those fans is lifestyle blogger Starre Varta,n who isn't sure why there's so much hubbub about romantic interests when the show was about "well-developed, complicated female characters" — women who absolutely loved their coffee, like Lorelai in the video below:

So, if you have a desperate "cry for caffeine" on Wednesday, find a location for a Luke's Diner pop-up at the Town of Star's Hallow website and grab yourself a free cup of "coffee, coffee, coffee!"