9 Gifts for the Person Who Has Everything

It's difficult to find presents for people who seem to want nothing. oatawa/Shutterstock

Some people are just impossible to buy for. There's nothing you can get for them that they don't likely already have. But instead of giving up and crossing them off your list, just get a little extra creative.

Here are some ideas for the people who want for nothing and seem to already have everything.

Lessons — Sure, they have every cool gadget, but do they know how to do everything? From cooking lessons to French classes, there are all sorts of skills to learn. Give a gift certificate for a specific class and sign up to come along. Then package it with something appropriate, like a French/English dictionary or a colorful spatula. You can find lessons at colleges, community centers and even online.

Tickets — There's nothing like opening night at an art museum exhibit or seeing a favorite band live. If you don't want to be so specific, opt for movie tickets for any show and tuck them in some popcorn and jumbo-sized candy.

Membership — A gift that gives all year, consider gifting an annual membership to anything from a museum to a big-box store. You may need to drop a few hints or ask a few questions to make sure your friend isn't already a member. But the options are endless including entertainment streaming services (Netflix, Spotify), zoos and museums, and travel clubs like AAA.

decadent chocolate
Splurge on something luxurious that your friend wouldn't normally buy for herself. Igor Normann/Shutterstock

Something luxurious — You might not be able to get people what they need, but how about getting them something luxurious that they might not think to buy for themselves? Think of something like decadent chocolate, cozy cashmere socks or a fancy pen.

Subscription — Another gift that keeps on giving, consider a regular service that drops off goods at your friend's door. It could be food prep, dog toys, wine, cheese or beauty items. There's a subscription box for pretty much every interest. Imagine the fun of opening a surprise box of goodies filled with all the things you love. Sign up for a sampler for just a few months or splurge for an entire year.

Books — Even if your hard-to-buy-for recipient is a bookworm, chances are there's some obscure biography or novel that a cool bookstore can recommend. Coffee table books with gorgeous photos are another great option. Many people won't splurge on those kinds of books for themselves.

homemade cookies and present
Gifts made by hand show you care. saschanti17/Shutterstock

DIY — Show you care by whipping up something homemade. Whether it's your secret-recipe cookies, a hand-knit scarf, unique coasters or picture frames, there has to be something unique you can make.

Gift cards — This may seem like an easy way out, but it can often make a lot of sense. It's smart for a senior who doesn't need knickknacks but always goes to the grocery or a car-obsessed friend who always goes to a certain car wash. What about a certificate for a massage for someone who's always stressed or a restaurant gift card for someone who works late hours? Just make sure your choice is thoughtful and right for the recipient.

Donation — Whether it's the environment or animals, world hunger or medical research, there's sure to be a cause that your recipient truly cares about. If you're unsure of a specific group, you can explore nonprofits on Charity Navigator or look for crowdsourced fundraising causes on GoFundMe.