Holiday Gifts with Good Design That are Good for the World

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Chanukah is fast approaching, and then Christmas--lots of pressure. We want to buy nice things and we want to be socially responsible. Luckily there are lots of good options available.

What could be more appropriate than this Peace print, a collaboration between designers and a non-profit that works with communities in Costa Rica. It's printed with soy ink on recycled paper ($30).

1. Gifts for Women

Designedgood is a website full of good design sourced from places that do good works. They pick products that blend design with a mission for social good. This soap is natural, biodegradable, vegan and fair trade ($22.95). Plus they donate a bar of soap to an orphanage in Haiti for every bar purchased and also give donations for micro-loans. How much nicer can a bar of soap be!

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Better hurry, these stylish sari bracelets are going fast ($32). Made out of three rows of vintage saris woven between a 14K gold-dipped chain, each purchase plants a tree.

2. Gifts for Men

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Made in Canada (how could we resist?), these shirts are designed in Montreal and made of 100% organic cotton and use water-based inks ($24).

The bike shelf: store your bike and put flowers or books on top (for price, see designer). Combine transport and art in one neat piece of architecture.

3. Chanukah Menorah

For the cycling family, who could resist this bead and wire Chanukah menorah in the shape of a bicycle ($36). It is made by a South African artisan who is working for the fair trade group African Home.

4. Wrap It Up

Forget about wrapping paper: Wrag Wraps are made from a mixture of 45% RPET (re-cycled plastic bottles), feel like a textile and can be re-used endlessly ($25). The really cool thing is that they have the same crinkley, rustling sound as paper; so you get the sound and save some waste at the same time

Holiday Gifts with Good Design That are Good for the World
Here is a bunch of gifts with good design and made by groups doing a social good.

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