8 jewelry gifts starring plants

Plant jewelry
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These pieces of wearable greenery are perfect for the nature lover on your list.

I love the idea of wearing a snippet of greenery to keep it close to the body, it feels like some kind of terrarium talisman. And even though not all of the ones here include living plants (though some do), they all celebrate the verdancy of green things. Little gifts, big magic!

Moss ball and chain

Like wearing a miniature world close to the heart, these moss-filled globes feel like they harbor special secrets. (Some Magic, $18.50)

Jewelry that keeps growing

Susan McLeary© Susan McLeary
These beautiful pieces include living plants that allow the jewelry to take on a life of its own. See more photos here: Exquisite jewelry made with living plants keeps growing. (PassionflowerMade, $22 and up)

A real fern necklace

These handmade pieces include a wee dried fern set in glass, and the shop has all kinds of other plants in glass as well. (VeryMeadow, $22)

Nature caught in resin

Modern Flower Child© Modern Flower Child
Like a modern interpretation of amber, these "natural treasures preserved in gorgeous hand-cast resin jewelry" are as fun as they are beautiful. (Modern Flower Child, $40 and up)

Seaweed earrings

Well, these are actually moss in water enclosed in a globe, but the design allows for the moss to sway much like seaweed dances in the sea. (Chus Craft, $25)

Wearable planters

Wearable Planter© Colleen Jordan
Because who wouldn't love a teeny planter housing a succulent circling their neck? (Wearable Planters, $30 and up)

For the wishful thinker

I can't be the only one who still blows on dandelions in order to procure a wish (and secretely spread the cheerful flowers around) ... this tuft of dandelion seed is perfect for those of us who never lost our inner wishful child. (Some Magic, $15.50)

DIY plant bottle necklace

And last but not least, for the handmade touch, one you can make yourself!

8 jewelry gifts starring plants
These pieces of wearable greenery are perfect for the nature lover on your list.

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