Watch a Giant Worm Burrow Beneath the Sand

All sorts of creatures live in the depths of the oceans. Some glow in pure beauty, while others are more creepy.

The sea-bound creepy crawly above definitely falls in the latter category.

Taken by diver Jules Casey, the video shows a long spoon worm burrowing itself into the ocean sediment.

In her Instagram post, Casey says this is a type of spoon worm called Ikeda taenioides. She filmed it during a night dive near the Blairgowrie Pier in Australia.

This type of spoon worm, the largest in the world, is native to the northern Pacific Ocean.

It can grow to lengths of over 8 feet. While hard to measure exactly, the spoon worm in the video appears even longer.

Ikeda taenioides buries itself about 30 inches into the sand, while keeping its proboscis or nose poking out of the sediment for feeding.

Hopefully it doesn't slither its way into your dreams.