Giant Panda Bei Bei Playing in the Snow Is Everything (Video)

CC BY 2.0. Bei Bei the panda during fair weather. (Brian Gratwicke/Flickr)

While we humans were cursing the skies, Bie Bei had a field day.

As winter storm Avery graced a large swath of the country in inches and inches of heavy autumn snow, the kvetching could be heard from across the states as many earliest-in-season now records were broken. Even jaded, snow-tough New York came to a standstill.

But in Washington DC at the Smithsonian's National Zoo, it was all fun and games for three-year-old giant panda, Bei Bei. The zoo notes that "giant pandas prefer colder temperatures and are usually more active during the winter months." So much for bears sleeping through the winter! But hey, if I had a panda's thick water-proof fur that insulates from the cold and wet snow, I'd probably want to roll around in it too. The zoo explained that Bei Bei rubbed the snow all over his head – which is a common behavior the pandas do when they are excited about something. (Hey, I do that too!) (OK, not really, but still...) He also rolled down the hill in his yard and climbed trees, which the zoo says are all play behaviors.

I know the snow is several days past now, but one can never get enough of giant pandas doing somersaults in a wintry wonderland, so here you go: