Get Your Steam on Anywhere: Portable Bike Sauna by H3T Architects

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A bucket at a wood spa.

cerro_photography / Getty Images

We've seen prefab saunas, houseboat saunas and secret saunas, so what about mobile saunas? Czech design team H3T Architects put together this sweet little sweat-pod that can be towed anywhere you please by tandem bike. Enveloped in translucent panels, the Bike Sauna allows users to park it in various locales, transforming any spot into a relaxing haven. But don't let its small appearance throw you off, apparently it can seat up to six people (granted, in probably somewhat close quarters). But inside there's everything that makes it cozy, like a real wood-fired stove. Take a look:

inside sauna
 Migrated Image Photos: H3T Architects

According to Designboom, the Bike Sauna features

[..] a fully-functioning fireplace that expels smoke through a tiny protruding chimney, the interior is outfitted with a set of wooden benches. Access is provided through a slit on an elastic membrane which keeps in the heat during use. The prototype is a platform for testing ideas, exploring the possibilities of portable architecture with a clear social function.

The Bike Sauna is the latest of H3T's series of unconventional saunas, which also include what they dub a "flying sauna" hung off a bridge and accessible only by boat. But the Bike Sauna may be poised to be the most widely appealing, since it was created as a homage to the dedicated cyclists of Prague, who according to the architects must "prove constantly that they are spirited enough to adopt this non-standard way of transportation around the city."

sauna on running path
 Migrated Image Photos: H3T Architects

But that's true of many cities out there. What makes this portable sauna so outstanding is that it democratizes the sauna and bravely brings it out to the public. If you're the in area, you can even try it out in Prague's Bajkazyl, a community bike shop that's an "open workroom, self-service, bike rental and bar."