Get More Mileage Out of Your Mason Jars With These Useful Attachments

drink attachment

Just when you thought Mason jars couldn't do anything more, along come these versatile stainless steel attachments.

Who doesn’t love Mason jars? They are tough, strong, see-through, and easy to clean; they come in different shapes and sizes, and are endlessly versatile. Now an online retailer called Ippinka has come up with even more ways to make you love them. The store sells a collection of Mason jar attachments that includes a soap pump, a cheese grater, and an innovative drink attachment. Ippinka sent me a collection to try, and I've been quite impressed with how well they work.

The soap pump is stainless steel with silicone seal and plastic straw. It fits into a small-mouth jar.

soap dispenser attachment

© Ippinka

The cheese grater attachment is my favorite. It’s exactly what it sounds like — a stainless steel grater in the shape of a jar lid that attaches to a wide-mouth jar. This means that, when you grate a block of cheese, it falls right into the jar, ready for serving. (My kids love it.)

cheese grater attachment

© Ippinka

The drink attachment is also a stainless steel lid, made for a wide-mouth jar, with an upward slant toward the drink hole. There is a silicone collar that goes around the jar and a plug at the other end that seals up the hole completely. (I tested it several times by shaking and turning a full water-filled jar upside down and there was not a single leak.)

I also really like that it does not leak when I drink from it, unlike the plastic ReCap attachment I’ve also tried. For anyone who uses travel mugs and other on-the-go beverage containers, you’ll know how hard it is to find one that feels ‘right’ on the mouth. This attachment feels totally natural, which I love.

Ippinka is an interesting company. You have to register (it’s free) in order to access the products that are for sale, but it’s worth doing so if you like unusual, curious, and high-quality items. The company’s ethos is described as a process of evaluation to determine what is “worthy” of introduction to clients. Items must meet four criteria of good design: (1) functionality, (2) well-made, (3) minimalist aesthetic design that withstands time, (4) environmental and social consciousness.

You can order the Mason jar attachments online.