Get MOAR From This 85-Mile Range Fat Tire Folding E-Bike

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The revolution in electric bikes is bringing cyclists & would-be two-wheelers a whole lotta choices for e-mobility, and the MOAR e-bike adds a folding feature to a monster fat tire bicycle.

What was once a niche product is now fast becoming an option for just about any kind of bike you can think of, from folding bikes to BMX bikes to road bikes, and more recently, fat bikes as well. And one company, MOAR Bikes, out of Santa Monica, California, is combining a folding feature with a fat bike, and adding a full set of premium components to yield an "all-in-one electric bike solution."

MOAR folding fat tire e-bike

© MOAR Bikes
The MOAR folding e-bike is a full-sized aluminum-framed fat bike powered by either a 500W rear hub or a 750W mid-drive motor (depending on the model), with both front and rear suspension, disc brakes, 1,000-lumen dual LED headlights, brake lights, turn signals, a horn, waterproof electronics, an integrated rear rack, and three different battery capacity options, plus a host of other features. With your choice of capacities for the 48V lithium ion battery pack (10Ah, 13Ah, or 17Ah), a MOAR e-bike will go a minimum of 30 miles per charge (10Ah battery using electric drive only) and up to 85 miles per charge (17Ah battery, in level one pedal-assist).The MOAR folds "to half its size" for transport or storage (and has folding pedals to further decrease its folded size), and weighs about 60 pounds without the battery (battery adds between 9 and 11 pounds), so it's not a lightweight, but it's also said to be a powerful and comfortable e-bike to ride, thanks to its full suspension and 4" tires. According to the company, its bikes offer "30% more torque, power and efficiency than the competition," and although fat bikes were once only for sand and snow and mountain bikers, the company believes its models are well positioned to be "the ultimate everyday e-bike."

Three different models of MOAR e-bikes are being offered through the company's crowdfunding campaign (which has blown way past its original funding goal already). The Sun & Fun bike has a 500W rear hub motor, a 7-speed Shimano gearing system, and a stock 10Ah battery, but no dual headlights, and is going to backers of the campaign at the $999 level. The 24/7 model also features a 500W rear hub motor, paired with an 8-speed Shimano gearset, with a 13Ah battery pack, and will go to backers of the campaign at the $1,199 level. For the most powerful option, MOAR is offering the Rapt model, with a 750W mid-hub motor, a 17Ah battery, and a 9-speed Shimano setup, which is supposed to be strong enough to "tow a SUV from a standstill," and is priced at $1,999 for backers of the campaign.

There is also a "Reserve Now" option for $250, which gives backers the opportunity to purchase a bike at 40% off of the full retail price of $2,199 (Sun & Fun), $2,499 (24/7), or $3,499 (Rapt). Learn more at Indiegogo or MOAR Bikes.