Get Chased by Hungry Zombies to Improve Your Running With New iPhone App

Zombies, Run! screenshot
Screen capture. Zombies, Run!

Zombies, Run!/Screen capture

Until a runner’s energy can be harnessed to propel the standard electric treadmill, indoor runners may be burning more fossil fuels than calories. (The average treadmill uses around 1500 watts.)

Running outdoors eliminates the use of power required to run a treadmill, not to mention climate control and a television.

But if you have a hard time getting off the never-ending loop and into the great outdoors (especially in winter), perhaps being chased by fiends with a taste for brains might sweeten the pot. There's a new iPhone app on the block, and if it doesn’t get you running, nothing will.

Already there is a wide array of running apps that coach you off the couch, record your routes, and count your calories, but mainly they function as stat trackers.

Zombies, Run! is different. This audio-immersive adventure is part video game, part horror flick, part audiobook, part scavenger hunt, and part runner's caboose-kicker. The app throws you right in the midst of the zombie apocalypse, via your headphones. Runner 5, you have a mission.

As Runner 5, hundreds of lives are depending on you (and your running skills) in a suspenseful story written by award-winning novelist Naomi Alderman. You've got to help your base rebuild from the tatters of civilization by automatically collecting supplies like medicine, batteries, and ammo while avoiding the mad roving zombie hordes.

Can you save the innocent and learn the truth about the zombie apocalypse? Keep running to find out.

Once you’re back home, you can build and continue to develop your base with the items you've collected. The larger a base you create, the more missions you can run-play. And there’s plenty of mystery to be unveiled, puzzles to be solved, websites to be discovered, and documents to be found to uncover just exactly how Runner 5 got into this predicament.

If ever there was an app to make a gamer a runner, a runner a gamer, and a zombie enthusiast of both -- this might be it. Run for your life.

Zombies, Run! is created by Six To Start and is available now on iTunes ($7.99). An Android version is planned for the spring.