Get a Job, Fight Climate Change

Are green jobs the future of the global economy?. (Photo: Linh Do [CC by 2.0]/Flickr)

The United States, as well as many countries across the world, is in a bit of an economic funk at the time. Some media outlets call it an economic crisis, and for many it is, but I tend to take an approach that is a bit more positive so I am going to call it an economic funk. In addition to these trying economic times, we are also working to increase environmental awareness and focus. Combining these two challenges can actually be quite rewarding.

In the article Climate change fight could create many jobs: aid experts, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon suggests that "efforts to adapt to climate change could create 'millions of jobs' if enough funding is available."

What better way to help boost the world's economy than by creating new jobs that help answer another major concern - climate change. However, it comes back full circle to money again - "if enough funding is available."

To address the funding concern, Poonam Ahluwalia of the Youth Employment Summit "would like to see a climate change fund that would put money aside to fund youth employment projects in (climate change) mitigation, emission reduction, energy conservation and clean energy production." Source: MNN

It is reassuring to see that world leaders are discussing these two major global concerns. Addressing the economic issues in a way that benefits the environment is the direction that companies and organizations need to take.