A Pig Named George and His Little Piglet Friend Are Making Life Fun Again

George the pig was riding in a truck in January, going down Interstate 35 in Des Moines, Iowa, heading towards a slaughterhouse.

He escaped the truck, but he was badly injured in the process. Luckily, Iowa Farm Sanctuary was notified and rushed to save him.

After getting care at an animal hospital, George found a new home at the sanctuary, but he had a hard time adjusting to normal pig life because of the conditions he'd faced in his previous life.

It left him feeling lonely. But that changed when he met Guy.

The 21-day-old piglet had also fallen off a truck and was rescued in early March. Iowa Farm Sanctuary took him in and began a search for a more permanent home for him.

Guy was also injured from his incident and refused to eat, which worried his caretakers. But they discovered that the little piglet just wanted a friend's support.

Guy walked into George's room and stood in the elder pig's food bowl — and began eating his food with him!

It was clear the two pigs enjoyed each other's company, and since that day, they've been inseparable.

Guy now has an Uncle George he can spend time with and learn from, and George has a best friend.

With their tight bond so apparent, the sanctuary is working to raise funds to help make their facilities a permanent home for both pigs so they can keep their friendship going.