George Clooney Inspired Arnold Schwarzenegger to Get a Pig

A paparazzi shot of George Clooney's pig on the set of "Ocean's 12" in 2004. | Credit:

For 18 years, George Clooney's pig "Max" was big part of the actor's life - witnessing nearly every moment of his rise from Hollywood unknown to A-list star. The Vietnamese black bristled potbellied pig, who passed away in 2006, not only occasionally shared Clooney's bed, but also became something of a star himself on film sets and in interviews with the actor. The love Clooney had for his pig, which he liked to joke was the longest relationship of his life, also made an impression on the people around him - in particular his "Batman and Robin" co-star Arnold Schwarzenegger.

"I always liked that he was into pigs, he has this little pig that he takes everywhere," Schwarzenegger told Yahoo Movies while promoting his new film "Sabotage". "So I bought a pig right after that."

"Only thing is I must've bought the wrong one because in no time it was 300 pounds and I could barely lift the son of the gun," he added.

In a column a few years back for the Cincinnati Inquirer, George Clooney's father, Nick, talked a bit about his son's pig - revealing that Max too, quickly became a large family member.

"Those who fostered the adoption," Clooney Sr. wrote, "neglected to tell George that Max would one day be the size of a linebacker with an appetite to match."

"When Max is hungry," he added, "he lumbers over to the front door and lies down lengthwise over the welcome mat, completely blocking the entrance. He then grunts and squeals until someone brings him breakfast. George has not required an alarm clock for 17 years."

As for Schwarzenegger's pig, nicknamed "Bacon," the former Governor reports that he's doing well, but is currently on a fat farm.

"The only way to get my pig to lose weight is to get him away from my kids, because they kept feeding him and feeding him all the time," he said.

Check out Arnold talking about his pet pig below.