Genius Tiny House Has a Full Bath and Sauna

©. Craig Williams / VIVA Collectiv

With this tiny home on wheels, living with less doesn't mean abandoning pampering.

A hallmark of many of the best tiny houses is ingenuity – there is a certain type of creativity and resourcefulness required to create a home of several hundred square feet that is both practical and a pleasure to live in. And borne from that ingenuity, many of the best tiny houses come with surprises; secret little tricks and puzzles that reveal full-size comforts in a tiny footprint. Think origami-like transformer furniture, elevator beds that drop from the ceiling, and brilliant hidden storage, for starters.

It's just this kind of surprise that is at the heart of a tiny house on wheels in El Dorado, California. Designed by Brian Crabb of VIVA Collectiv, the 24-foot-long home, dubbed The Spa, comes complete with a full bathroom that transforms into a sauna. A tiny home with a bathtub is novel enough, but one that folds into a sauna is even more innovative. As you can see in the photos below, the front and back wall around the tub fold down to create a sitting area.

tiny house sauna
tiny house sauna

The rest of the bathroom/spa includes a full-size sink with storage below, a composting toilet, and a wood stove for the sauna. The room can be closed off with sliding frosted glass doors.

tiny house with sauna
Tiny house spa
Tiny house spa

The ladder to the left of the bathroom leads to the first sleeping loft of two. While it is not one in which a person could stand up tall and take a stretch, the skylight and surround of windows certainly open it up, bring in light, and eliminate the claustrophobia potential of other sleeping lofts we've seen. The second sleeping loft is where the kids sleep; it is above the kitchen and has a "door" to keep things safe and cozy. It also has windows and a skylight. In fact, you can see that there are windows all around the home, which is a fabulous feature.

Tiny house sleep loft
Tiny house sleeping loft

Another surprise in this tiny house is the not-so-tiny-house kitchen. Four burners, an oven, a large sink, and roomy refrigerator would make this a great kitchen for a family who likes to cook. Some people think that tiny homes should come with tiny appliances, but if a homeowner places a lot of value in the kitchen and they are cooking for a family of four, it makes perfect sense (to this food enthusiast, at least) to prioritize space for a really workable kitchen. Not shown here is a seating area with sofa that occupies the space between the kitchen and the sauna. For eating, stacking stools and a fold-up table live beneath the ladder leading to the kids' loft.

tiny house kitchen
Tiny house with spa

For the last surprise touch, we have the Murphy bed of decks – in the top photo you can see it folded up to the left of the door, and below you can see it in working position. A perfect spot to bring that table and stools out for a home-cooked family meal al fresco.

Tiny house deck
Tiny house plan

In the end, every tiny-house inhabitant is going to have different needs from their space. Some may want a lot of storage, others may want stairs or a ground floor bedroom – but for anyone wanting a bathtub, a full kitchen, room to sleep four, and a sauna, The Spa manages to pack it all in beautifully, one clever surprise at a time.

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