Geberit Introduces a Rim-Free Toilet

CC BY 2.0. João Simões with toilet/ Lloyd Alter

It's much easier to keep clean.

Regular readers will know that I am a bit obsessed with toilets, from my $1200 toilet seat to my in-wall Geberit tank to my history of the bathroom. My exasperated wife says fine, if you want the fancy toilet then you can clean it, so I am well aware of the problems of cleaning under the rim of a Toto or other conventional toilets.

That's why I was actually quite excited to see this new rimless toilet from Gerebit at the Passivhaus Portugal conference. Technical representative João Simões explained that the water shoots out from the back and goes right round the top of the toilet, cleaning the whole thing. You can watch it in the video. According to their website, "The flow of water is controlled just before it reaches the ceramic pan. A so-called flush guide sends the water stream along both sides to the exact area where it is needed for a clean and thorough flush – and only there."

Geberit toilet

© Geberit

I asked João if this needed a special high-pressure tank, and João said it would work with a standard Geberit tank, which is surprising, as they are small and very water-efficient. Anyone who has used a brush or toxic chemicals to clean under the rim of a conventional toilet will recognize this as a very good idea.