Gardener for the Queen Is a Royally Green Job

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The Queen is looking for a new gardener for Buckingham Palace. The pay isn't great, but you could do some good networking...

This job wasfirst advertisedin February last year, and it still hasn't been filled.

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It's a really big job. The garden at Buckingham Palace is the largest private garden in London, seconded only by the house of the American Ambassador in Regents Park. The garden is open to the public for tours in the spring and summer. Parts are very wild and parts are very manicured. The flower beds that can be seen from the Palace are elaborate and dense. Even though it is in the heart of a busy series of roads, it is a sanctuary for wild life and birds can be heard clearly.

The job only pays £15,750 a year ( $25,000) but it does include accommodation.

The gardener has 42 acres to look after and will be required to "maintain lawn areas to the highest standards required, including grass cutting, scarifying and fertilizing. Also to carry out any repairs by either re-seeding of turfing."

The successful applicant will be required to recycle 99 per cent of the estate's waste, including transporting the Royal Mews skips to allotment sites This waste includes 'arisings' from the Royal Mews stables. The gardener will also be expected to make mulch for the flower beds out of waste from Kensington Palace and Marlborough House grounds.

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According to the Gardens Manager, use of pesticides is kept to a minimum, and weed killers are no longer used.

Sustainable plant life is encouraged, with a long grass policy currently in use over approximately 10 per cent of the Buckingham Palace garden area. There are 320 different types of wildflowers growing in these areas and 30 different species of birds.

In the wilder parts around the large pond, the grass is only cut every four years, allowing naturalization to occur uninterrupted. Biodegradable diesel, lubricants and oils are used in lawn mowers and other pieces of machinery.

The Queen put in an organic vegetable gardenin 2009. She used liquid seaweed instead of chemical fertilizers and garlic to keep away the aphids. The vegetables are hand watered (not in the job description). The water comes from the borehole which was dug a few years ago.

Applications close at the end of the month, so hurry up.