With ‘Garden in a Bag,’ You Can Have Lush Plants on the Windowsill Year-Round

These cute paper bags sprout herbs and flowers within a few days.

garden in a bag

Free the Ocean x Treehugger

If you're looking for the perfect gift for a friend or family member that's not too big or small, doesn't generate loads of waste, serves a practical purpose, and isn't too expensive, we've found it for you! "Garden in a Bag" is exactly what its name suggests—a cute little paper bag filled with soil that will grow any one of seven plant varieties on a sunny windowsill. This is a fun way to have a steady supply of fresh herbs or flowers year-round.

The plant choices range from basil and catnip to "Christmas Lights" peppers, whose yellow, orange, red, and purple shades resemble strings of lights on a Christmas tree. You can also opt for flowers, such as zinnias and pansies, or a baby Scotch pine that, when planted outdoors, will eventually grow into a magnificent tree.

Recipients won't have to wait long for their mini gardens to start growing. Germination time varies depending on the plant variety, but most sprout within three to 14 days. They will continue to grow post-germination and may eventually need to be transferred to a larger pot to keep growing.

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Available at Free The Ocean.

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Garden in a Bag is sold by Free the Ocean, an organization that removes ten pieces of plastic from the ocean for every item sold in its online store. Its founder Mimi Ausland described the bags to Treehugger, saying, "When I heard of Garden in a Bag I was so happy to have found something special I can share with loved ones that isn't more stuff, but instead is alive and growing—a gift that keeps on giving. I love basil and put the herb on everything I can, so I'm very excited about my basil in a bag, growing on my windowsill."

Ausland says that FTO's community has shown great enthusiasm for these garden bags so far, and it's no surprise. If you want some for the upcoming holiday season, now's the time to order. Each bag measures 7" x 6" and is lined with leak-proof foil. The soil comes packaged separately in a sugarcane bag, which FTO says is "not to be confused with a plastic bag—the feel is the same but sugarcane is a natural material" that will biodegrade. They are made in the United States.

To purchase and for more information, visit Free the Ocean.