Garbage Collectors Spread Holiday Cheer to Dog

Lucky the dog with her Christmas card and homemade ornament. ABC News

'Tis the season for holiday cheer — even between dogs and garbage collectors.

Redditor Bkutcha posted photos of her dog Lucky posing with a customized ornament and a Christmas card from the neighborhood garbage men. The ornament is a dog bone surrounded by dog paws with Lucky's name written in the bone, and a card reading, "Hope to see Lucky on many walks in 2018!! Merry Christmas! Your trash collectors Orlando and Otis."

Those are definitely signs of the Christmas spirit right there.

Bkutcha says they adopted Lucky about three years ago as a stray from Texas, apparently just before Lucky was about to be euthanized. Since then, Bkutcha has spoiled Lucky with Barbox toys and lots and lots of walks. The result? Lucky has gone from "timid stray" to being a "little diva."

Lucky's bond with the garbage men took a bit of time to work out, but it probably helped that Lucky saw Orlando and Otis every day. "It took awhile but she likes them now. She can be very uneasy around men," Bkutcha wrote in a comment.

Bkutcha says the town has a rotating pick up schedule, with a different material picked up each day. So trash one day, plastic another and glass on yet another.

This schedule not only gave Lucky more opportunities to get used to Orlando and Otis, it also gave them time to get to know Lucky. In addition to the special Christmas gift, they give Lucky treats each time they see her.

While a few of the redditors were a bit more Scrooge-like in their evaluation of Bkutcha's post, most were touched by the connection between Lucky and the trash collectors. Christmas spirit indeed!