Your Office is in your Pants: Is The Nexphone the Device That Will Make It Possible To Put Your Office in your Pocket?

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Twenty-five years ago at the dawn of the mobile phone age, the Harvard Business Review wrote that Your Office is Where You Are. We have been looking at the way our work has been dematerializing to the point where we joke that Your Office Is In Your Pants.

The Nexphone is a new idea for a phone that is in fact a computer; instead of having a separate notebook, tablet or phone, it is all downsized to one device that docks into a special tablet, notebook or even a desktop unit. In a paradigm where we keep talking about living with less stuff, it is a seductive idea. At Core77, Ray quotes the release:

NexPhone is designed essentially to become user's primary PC to create, view and edit documents and other content. This is achieved by Ubuntu for Android software, bringing real computer experience... NexPhone also becomes your tablet when it is used with our tablet dock and becomes your Laptop or PC bringing full desktop experience when it is used with our NexLaptop or NexMonitor docks. Together, they provide revolutionary interactive computing experience that empowers consumers to use one single device at home, at the office or on the road without the need of synchronizing their content or contacts with other devices.

NexPhone from NexPhone on Vimeo.

Ray says "I'm more interested in the fact that the NexPhone is expressly designed as a sort of anti-cloud device, forgoing the need for syncing by localizing all of one's data within a single, pocketable object."

phone in icelandLloyd Alter in Hrafntinnusker, Iceland/CC BY 2.0

But I wonder if that is a good idea, putting all your eggs in one pocketable basket. After a few days in the iCloud, I wonder if it has missed the boat. I am writing this post on my phone with a folding Bluetooth keyboard, shown above a few weeks ago in in a tent in a storm in Hrafntinnusker, Iceland. Since I use Pages, Apple's word processor, and have the new Mountain Lion, it instantly syncs with my computer through their iCloud. It really works seamlessly, there is no "need for syncing", it's all automatic and it's all there. I am going to do the same thing with my Keynote presentations and run them right off my phone.

Secondly, what happens if you drop your phone in the toilet? of all your hardware, it is the one most likely to be damaged. Why make that your main machine?

The fax machine disappeared a few years ago; I rarely use the printer any more; I have to keep an old PC notebook around just to run my scanner and my accounting software. I am trying out an online accounting program, and an iPhone app that will replace the scanner. Not only is most of our hardware dematerializing, but even our software is, as the functions move online.

In fact we have already moved beyond where your office is in your pants; now, your office is in the cloud.

Your Office is in your Pants: Is The Nexphone the Device That Will Make It Possible To Put Your Office in your Pocket?
The phone becomes the computer, plugging into accessories as needed. Is this a good thing?

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