Your Office Is In Your Cargo Pants: The Phablet Combines The Best and Worst of A Phone and a Computer

When I wrote Your Office Is In Your Pants: How The Smart Phone Is Changing The Way We Live And Work, a commenter noted "It will be a cold day in Hell before I choose to do my non voice I/O on a 1.5" x 2.5" interface!!" Nonetheless, many of us already are. At Quartz, Christopher Mims describes the trend toward the Phablet, a giant phone that is a huge success in emerging markets where people want a single device that can do everything. He writes:

I’m willing to bet that Phablets are going to be the PCs of this decade. They will become the default computing device of most of the developing world, and a surprising proportion of those who live in rich countries will eventually sign on, as well.

He notes that the way we use phones is changing:

US journalists love to hold phablets up to their heads in order to prove how ridiculous they are as phones, but that misses the point: the fraction of time we spend using these devices for phone conversations continues to shrink. In surveys, time spent on calls comes in fourth after web browsing, social media, music and gaming, and on average may represent as little as 10% of the two hours a day we spend on our “phones.”

keyboardKeyboard and iPhone in tent in Iceland/ Lloyd Alter/CC BY 2.0

In her 10 Tech Resolutions You Can Make for 2013 Jaymi recommended that we should Minimize Gadgets, and decide just on the devices that we truly need. I have been trying to use the iPhone for almost everything, from reading books to covering stories while travelling, and it's hard, that screen is just too small. Yet I don't want to buy a tablet, and have yet a third device that doesn't really do what my phone or computer can do.

I think Chris Mims is right when he says "Clearly, for millions of people, a phablet that eliminates the need for owning and carrying two separate devices—a phone and a tablet [or a third, a computer] —is a better solution." More at Quartz

Your Office Is In Your Cargo Pants: The Phablet Combines The Best and Worst of A Phone and a Computer
Chris Mims looks at the strange device that is taking over the world, and might be a greener way to go

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