Your Computer Can Now Offset Its Own Emissions, Without Your Help

Little Green Genie Computer Offset Program Image

Image via: Zero Carbon Computing

I know this might sound a little creepy weird, but thanks to the good folks at Little Green Genie (LGG), your computer can now calculate its own carbon footprint and purchase the related offsets. We knew the world of carbon offsets was growing, but we're not sure if this is helpful or a little too big brother.Spokesman for LGG, Bruce Nelson, said that 'the manufacture and use of computers is creating as big a carbon footprint as the airline industry' so now its time we take a closer look at these machines and do more than just put them into sleep mode when they're not being used. While you're working, the Little Green Genie program is working too by calculating your energy consumption. It then purchases carbon credits from Climate Friendly, which invests in renewable energy equal to the amount of energy used by your computer. The owners of LGG estimate that it will cost a person roughly $10 a year to offset emissions. Companies can also get involved, by installing the system on everyone's computers (and then monitor who is "working" hardest by using the most energy). Companies can also get involved in the Zero Carbon Computing Challenge - whereby they sign up and get all of their friends signed up to see who is the greatest offsetter of them all.

One interesting point is that emissions are calculated differently depending on where you live. The calculation programs were developed by non-profits, mostly based in the United States. According to Little Green Genie, "in short, some countries are cleaner than others." One country that does support the program is Australia, as the program is endorsed by the Hon Kate Jones MP, Minister for Climate Change and Sustainability, who says she, "supports businesses that are making sustainable choices because reducing our carbon footprint is everyone's responsibility." :Little Green Genie
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