Xambox Scans And Files


We recently extolled the virtues of the paperless home, but some people have to keep the paper for legal and tax reasons. Back in the early days of the computer, our daisy wheel printer spit out three copies of every letter: one for the client, one for the job file, and one for the continuous file where everything was stuck on a clipboard by date.

Having evolved past that, we still have a file cabinet for every bill, statement and item of correspondence, and it takes time to put it all away. Wasted time if you have a Xambox.


This baby does what the old continuous file did: it stacks the documents by date after it scans, makes a PDF and turns it into text. It stores the original document in a box, and when you need to recover it, you are told where it is: "Your invoice is located in tray 2, 7th page past the green divider." So you never have to file again.

Of course such a system eliminates file cabinets, hanging folders, file folders, and replaces them with just the documents that you need when the SEC and IRS come calling. ::Xambox in French; you can download an English PDF here. via ::Web Worker Daily

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