Would You Wear a Solar Powered Cell Phone on Your Wrist?

solar cell phone bracelet image

Images via Yanko Design

This interesting concept phone would solve a couple of issues from convenient charging to pocket dialing. But is it in our future to wear our phones on our wrists? Maybe this concept will convince you. It's a very basic phone - not even trying to be as whole-world-in-your-hands as a Blackberry or iPhone - but the simplicity goes with the fact that it's trying to be an accessory. Solar cells on the front would charge it up.

solar cell phone bracelet model image

We just finished harassing the Reclaim cell phone - an actual phone coming to market that attempts to green the cell phone scene - for not living up to ideal green standards. So a concept phone to be considered a green option will also need to be more than just solar powered. But starting from concept, the sky is the limit and this idea could be built for green from the get go if it ever moves beyond the vaporware stage.

solar cell phone bracelet image

So, if it meant conveniently charging your phone via solar power without even thinking about it, and never pocket dialing again...would you wear it?

Via Yanko Design
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