World's First OLED Photo Frame Rolled Out

Kodak has put out the world's first OLED digital photo frame, proving two things. First, that this technology is still waaaaaaay out of Joe the Plumber's price range. And second, digital photo frames, even with OLED displays, are so not green.

Read on for more about OLED displays. The use of OLED technology in marketable gadgets is seriously exciting. But even so, digital photo frames are just...ho hum. The power consumption of this frame is still 10.9 watts, with standby power use of .45 watts. An actual photo frame uses zero watts. And while an old fashioned wooden photo frame doesn't change photos by itself or hook up to your Flickr account, you probably will look at it just as often as the digital frame after a couple weeks (read: hardly ever).

Don't get us wrong...this is a seriously tempting gadget. It is possibly one of the greenest digital photo frames out there, and the use of OLED for the display is promising. But at $1,000, it is still mainly a very expensive piece of e-waste.

We're still holding tight for the really practical uses of OLED display technology, such as greening up our laptops, cell phones and other constantly used devices.

Via OLED Display
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