Wooden Radio by By Singgih Kartono


It's so retro looking, two tones of wood, and made by hand by carpenters in an Indonesian village with high unemployment. The designer Singgih Kartono wants to "redefine the relationship of the user between the product" and revitalize craft industries and local skills, while using local sustainable materials. Even the packaging is designed to be simple, minimal and reuseable for transporting the radio.

AM, FM, uses 4 AA batteries, ¥17,640. ::Assiston via ::NotCot


from the autotranslation:

"With a less lumber, many works" the designer himself supplies the lumber to concept, restoration of the profit is done by the fact that the product is produced in Indonesian village which can take that lumber.Job of the people can be offered.The designer Shinggih S who thinks of that it is offered the material the land where that is born, with the balance of design of the making hand and the product carefully. Kartono ([shinjikarutono]) it is the wooden radio of the brand "magno" which is led.


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