WMF1 One-Cup Coffee Maker is Good Design Gone Un-Green

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It's still early morning in California and I have coffee on the brain, so I have to point out this WMF1 One-Cup Coffee Maker. See, there's a conundrum for those folks who don't want to get their coffee via cone filter or French press. A coffee pot is the solution, except that you have to make a minimum of about four cups of coffee for the smallest coffee maker readily available in stores. That's where one-cup coffee makers come in handy. Except this particular one has a conundrum all its own. Did you notice? Looking past the attractive minimalism, the space where you can put your mug is shaped for one specific mug, the one that this machine comes with. It puts an equal number of most likely unneeded coffee mugs into the consumer stream as machines sold. And if that mug breaks, well, you either have to call the company to get another one shipped to you (actually, they come in sets of four so you have to have FOUR shipped to you), hope that a store nearby has one with extraordinarily similar dimensions, or devise some sort of elaborate funnel-and-straw system.

Plus, the thing uses coffee pods, which then requires you to order another product to be shipped to you, containing inherent overpackaging and possibly unrecyclable waste.

The WMF 1 may have gained some design honors as noted on their website, but there are better one-cup makers. The Keurig B60 embodies a greener design, despite being clunkier looking (and having un-green features of its own, like being big and clunky). A big problem with one-cup machines is they require pods. This one accepts both pods or grounds, and most any coffee mug you want to use.

one cup coffee maker image

None of these beat the beautiful design, low carbon footprint, and high quality brew of a French press, but if you must have your coffee brewed and in one cup, there are some options that are more green than others.

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