Wimoto wireless sensor system now offers motion detection and water sensing

New Wimoto sensor
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The citizen scientist in me, along with my inner geek, are really jazzed to see so many innovations in remote sensors and connected devices and smarter homes these days.

After all, it's one thing to have a subjective observation about our environment ("It seems hotter in here than normal."), and another thing entirely to look at the data and see if it truly is hotter than normal, and if so, exactly how much hotter it is.

This trend of small wireless sensor systems makes it easier than ever to get started, and for those who want to integrate some of this technology into their lives, the options just keep increasing.

Wimoto, whose remote wireless sensors we've covered before, just added a couple of new options to their system, as well as tripling the battery life of the sensors, so they are well worth taking a look at if you're considering getting started in remote monitoring for your home, office, or garden.

The company's new Watermote sensor can both detect the presence of water, and determine its level, which could come in really handy for alerting users to flooded basements or other spaces, low water levels in ponds or pools, or even knowing how much water is left in a cistern or rain barrel or swamp cooler reservoir.

Wimoto also added the Securimote, which features an infrared motion sensor and accelerometer, that can be configured to use as a security alert for monitoring a window or door, or set up to alert you when your mail drops in your mailbox, or perhaps even to keep tabs on whether your kids are still in bed or not.

The form factor of the sensors have also been standardized, and they all now measure just 35x35x13mm, which may make it simpler or more aesthetic to place them in and around the house.

Like all of the other Wimoto sensors, these new devices connect with Bluetooth SMART technology to a smartphone or tablet running the Android or iOS app, and can send push alerts directly to the app without using a wireless or cell signal, as well as sending the data to the cloud for storage and later analysis.

All of the Motes are on sale for $39 (USD) each (or as a multi-pack - 5 for $149) through Wimoto's Indiegogo campaign (which is $10 off the estimated retail price). After September 1st, they will also be available from Amazon's new Home Automation storefront in the U.S. and Canada for $49 each.

Wimoto wireless sensor system now offers motion detection and water sensing
With the addition of two new sensors, and a tripling of the battery life, Wimoto is making it easier than ever to monitor your environment.

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