Who Are the Greentronic Companies? Check the Scoreboard.

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We talk often about what company just released a new greener electronic gadget, or which companies have improved their e-waste programs. We also talk a lot about who isn’t doing enough to clean up consumer electronics.

But when it comes right down to figuring out which company you want to support with your purchase dollars, especially during this holiday season, the decision could prove frustrating.

A good resource we want to remind you about is a TreeHugger favoriteClimate Count’s electronics scorecard. Climate Counts has taken a close look at gadget manufacturers and figured out the who’s who:

They're doing everything from reducing emissions in their production processes, to making products that require less energy, to taking back products that are obsolete and turning them into the next big thing. But the range of scores in the sector is notable; those companies at the bottom of the sector may have a different perspective on what it really means to be "cool" than those at the top.

You’ll want to take note that all the companies have room for improvement, but some are leaps and bounds above others. Put your money where it does the least damage, and utilize this scorecard to know just where that is.

Not on the scorecard, but even greener than the greenest of these gadget companies, is buying used gear. Think about giving a used gadget a renewed life before buying new.

The Climate Counts site helps with several other major industries as well, helping you to green your shopping decisions all around.

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