While Waiting for Really Big Bigger Kindle Announcement...


Kindle spy photo via Engadget

...we figured we'd get the conversation about it going. Afterall, everyone else is already talking.

So if you haven't heard yet, everyone is looking forward to seeing a new large-screen version of Kindle. It's all the buzz - complete with spy photos - and understandably so, especially when talking about what it would mean for newspapers and magazines, which rely on the larger page for their visual appeal. The possibilities of e-readers being more eco-friendly than paper books are definitely apparent. The Huffington Post notes that when it comes to college text books, the fossil fuel and paper savings could be enormous. We definitely agree. And same goes for newspapers and magazines, though to a lesser extent.

e-Readers are on their way, and there's no stopping them. Not only are they getting bigger, but also visually more colofrul and more visually paper-like, with the capability of displaying video on the horizon.

Now the issue is not how e-readers stack up against paper books and printed materials, but how they stack up to each other when the environment comes to mind. After all, Kindle 2 just came out a few months ago and there's already an expected new product announcement. It's starting to be time to challenge e-reader makers to be ultra-green in product manufacturing and life spans- just as we do with computer manufacturers - and to have beefed up take-back programs - just as we pressure TV manufacturers and other gadget makers.

Big screen Kindle news is great. Big moves towards sustainability and greener consumer awareness about e-readers are even better.

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