When will wearable technology go mainstream?

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Wearable technology has popped up here and there in the fashion and technology industry. Indeed, even we at TreeHugger have marveled at wearable technology such as jackets or arm bands for cyclists that have turn signals activated by touching a wrist or moving an arm. And anyone reading the news has certainly heard of the growing buzz around Google Glass (including derision by many). But will wearable technology ever hit the mainstream? Experts say yes, and probably soon.

Is this a good thing? It depends on where you fall on an environmental focus -- especially when it comes to energy consumption and e-waste, two extremely important issues.

But there is also the social factor.

One expert notes that we are bored of smart phones and want new toys, and wearables are the new toys we'll seek. However, another expert, Bill Geiser of Metawatch, notes of the technology that, "I hope they lessen the time we spend with machines and increase the amount of time we spend with people."

A third expert, Sonny Vu of Misfit Wearables notes that it could change technology as a status symbol. "Hopefully [wearables] say nothing about the user, because they are out of the way and they are not obtrusive, and they don't make you look techy." In other words, it would look like you are not carrying around the latest this or that at all.

Is there a possibility that wearables could minimize constantly upgrading to the latest this or that, or minimize the materials used in gadgetry? It may be off in the future, but it is certainly interesting to ponder.

When will wearable technology go mainstream?
A video with interviews from key players in the wearable technology industry tells us what's going on with bringing the innovations to the masses.

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