What's the First Netbook to Get PCMag's GreenTech Approval?


Image via PCMag
Good Clean Tech, PC Magazine's blog, has announced the first netbook to make the grade for green according to the magazine. PC Magazine is a very reliable source for quality reviews of nearly every computer hitting the market. Netbooks have been flying onto the market, but it is only just now that one finally earns the magazine's GreenTech seal of approval. Check out the new Fujitsu netbook and see why it made the ranks.It's tough to make a decision about which netbook to purchase simply because there's a new one coming out practically every week. And while we've been interested in netbooks ever since the ASUS Eee PC came out, the choices are now becoming overwhelming but we have yet to see any with really great green cred.

That just changed. PC Magazine found one that it has decided is eco-friendly enough to capture the company's GreenTech seal of approval. And that netbook is the Fujitsu M2010.

It's not the swiftest netbook on the market, and will likely be passed up by mainstream consumers for other models with longer battery life, keyboards closer to standard size, and lower price tags. But this one is made for schools so will likely do just fine. And it looks like this one is the laptop to beat for greener features as it has earned EPEAT gold certification, and now PC Magazine's thumbs up thanks primarily to the EPEAT certification and to its low energy consumption.

As for why it made the grade with EPEAT, it scored highly in reduction and elimination of sensitive materials, end-of-life design, product longevity, and the performance of Fujitsu as a green company.

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