Look at all these smartphones!

NBC news st peters square cell phones © NBC News

The NBC News Facebook page recently shared this interesting photo comparison showing two photos from the Vatican's St. Peter's Square, one from 2005 and another from March 13, 2013, when the new Pope was elected.

It's a testament to the rapid change in smartphone usage, personal technology norms and consumerism. As NBC News wrote at the time, "What a difference 8 years makes."

A few commenters on their page noted that the comparison is not entirely fair, because the location of the photos are different, with the second being closer to the action and better able to try to capture photos, but even seeing the lone flip phone in 2005 and no one looking down checking Twitter or Instagram or Facebook makes the point that the technology has quickly changed and we've changed right along with it.

Via Sam Lessin via Zach Klein.

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