We love this desk! Can you guess why?

tree desk photo
CC BY 3.0 blorgggg

Trees and standing desks. Put them together and you get a match made in heaven. And that, in case you didn't guess, is why we love this desk.... because it's a standing tree desk!

Instructables user blorgggg puts it like this:

Here's the idea: Strap a laptop stand to a tree. Blammo! That's it! Why? Well everyone (especially around instructables) always talks about how bad sitting is for you, so everyone makes standing desks. But, you know what else seriously lowers your quality of life? Being trapped indoors all the time! Now you can go do your work, stand up, and enjoy the amazing world around you!

He's right, sitting too much is really bad for you. Standing desks help fix the problem. On top of that, getting out into nature has been shown to help people focus more, and even be nicer to each other. So, yes, we love this desk. Instructions for making it are, of course, on Instructables.

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