Watch Rio+Social Live Now (LIVE STREAM)

With so many Rio-based events happening this month, it can be hard to keep up. (Follow all our Rio+20 coverage here.) In addition to the Rio+C40 event streaming live now, you can also watch the Rio+Social event live today, as well.

Mashable, along with the United Nations Foundation and the 92 Street Y, is currently live streaming Rio+Social, which aims to be a "a global conversation about how social media and technology can help ensure a sustainable future for our planet."

As Social Media Editor for TreeHugger, this is a topic I find particularly important. Here at TreeHugger, we know that technology like smart phones, tablets and laptops are produced with great environmental costs. But with these tools comes great power and social media has proven itself a powerful tool in creating positive social change. Tune-in to the Rio+Social event above to learn more about how we can use these technologies for good.

And follow #RioPlusSocial on Twitter for more.

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