Walmart Follows The Computing Plan


Some folks think that the US doesn't have a plan to deal with global warming because we didn't ratify Kyoto. In fact, we do have a plan and it's called the market economy. Now that might be a bad plan, and in fact I think we will ultimately regret our decision to go it alone. But as an American I have to go with it because it's what we as a nation decided to do.

Which leads me to the full endorsement of Walmart and their announcement that they are now going to offer green electronics to their consumers. Barring the ongoing debate as to whether Walmart is good or bad for America, the fact is that Walmart accounts for about 9 percent of all retail in the US. They have a huge influence on their suppliers to promote efficiency. Of course, other companies are doing their part as well e.g. HP just announced a new line of green computers, and I applaud them. So, if you want to have minimal impact with your next electronic gear purchase, follow the plan you voted for and check these guys out.

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