Wall Clock Tells Time in Daily Life Activity, Adaptable for Global Warming

designer clock image

Image by BGM project via DesignBoom

This wall clock by BGM Project is fantastic - it tells time by showing the life of a grandmother (the hour hand), a grandchild (the minute hand) and a dog (second hand). The figures move around the clock in daily life scenes, such as out walking among trees or in a house, and show the time. The design is unique and engaging, but we think there are a couple other really cool ways time could be represented on the clock that could have a big impact to those glancing up to see the hour.

designer grandma clock image

For instance, what if global warming were represented? A polar bear traveling among smaller and smaller ice floats? Or deforestation represented with birds and butterflies traveling among trees or blank spaces.

Not the happiest of ideas, true, but perhaps seeing this every time we look at a clock could remind us that time is short for activism, and spur us to make every second - every action - count.

Clocks with smart designs definitely have the capacity to change behavior. What ideas for a clock design like this might make you take note every time you look up to find out the hour?

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