Voltaic Bags Run DJ's System at South By Southwest

sxsw dj voltaic bag photo

Photo via Voltaic Systems

Fans of solar power attending South by Southwest will be happy to see the booth of the Syncons, DJs who take advantage of solar power to play their music. But there's one very cool twist - they're using a product mentioned a few times here on TreeHugger to run their MacBook Pro and PowerBook... The Syncons - known for powering their entire set up via solar in their hometown of Los Angeles - powered their event at sxsw via solar as well, using Voltaic bags to run their MacBook Pro and PowerBook for the full two hours of the event.

It's pretty exciting to have that kind of backup power available from a bag with some solar cells. As solar cells become more efficient, these kinds of accessories will pop up more and more at outdoor events like this.

In the meantime, we got our hands on one of the newer models of the solar power bags and will be taking it for a test run. We'll have a review for you of the ups and downs of charging your gadgets with a Voltaic.

Via Voltaic Systems
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