Vizio Ditching Plasmas From Its TV Line

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As of the third quarter of last year, Vizio was North America's third largest plasma TV maker. Yet, they've decided to dump plasmas from their list of products, turning their focus instead to LCDs. That leaves just LG, Panasonic and Samsung as the only large-scale plasma TV manufacturers marketing their wares in the US. So why the sudden turn by Vizio?According to the company, there are a couple reasons for dumping plasmas, including that they don't sell well in big box stores because of the bright, harsh lighting that detracts from the displays' intensity, making LCDs look better. Also, since LCDs are moving faster, the company wants to devote as much of its shelf space as possible to better selling TV sets.

Also exciting is more room for TVs that use LED technology:

As with the majority of its competitors, Vizio will concentrate on adding features to its line of LCD sets. Its first LED-backlit LCD TV will come to market this July, a $1,999 55-inch model that also features 240 Hz technology.

Of course, the rumbings from California and the EU about getting the most energy intensive TVs out of stores in the first place (as in, plasmas) probably help the decision as well.

Plasmas, to the joy of many an energy-conscious viewer - are on their way out.

Via New York Times
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