Virtually climb El Capitan with Google Street View

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If you are interested at all in amazing feats of human strength and endurance, then you were surely captivated by the 19-day free climb up El Capitan's Dawn Wall that Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgeson completed in January, a first for that route up the famous rock.

Now Caldwell is helping us to see things from the climber's perspective by leading Google Street View Trekker cameras up the 3,000-foot-high El Capitan in all its vertical glory. Famous climbers Lynn Hill, the first person to free climb "The Nose," and Alex Honnold, the record holder for the fastest climb up "The Nose," join Caldwell in showing off the special tricks they use to conquer specific parts of the mountain.

Caldwell says the first vertical Street View collection includes seeing Hill, "navigate these epic moves— like climbing sideways on tiny holds of the Jardine Traverse, inventing a “Houdini” maneuver on the Changing Corners and traversing under the Great Roof," while you'll see Honnold, "doing what he does best: chimneying up the “Texas Flake,” racing up the bolt ladder, or getting dinner ready in the solar-powered van he calls home."

And of course, we get to see Caldwell show off his skills on the so-called hardest climb in the world, the Dawn Wall.

If those close-up details weren't enough, the best may be the chance to see a full climb up the granite slab completely from the climber's perspective. Cameraman and climber Brett Lowell followed Honnold on a quick climb up the entire vertical route of “The Nose." You can explore the climb below.

Through the Yosemite Treks page, you can explore all aspects of the climb and see what tools and tricks the climbers use at each point up the rock and once you've tired of climbing, you can always explore more parts of Yosemite horizontally by clicking through the other great images Google has collected of the beautiful park.

Watch the video below to see how they planned and executed the El Capitan Street View project.

Virtually climb El Capitan with Google Street View
The Street View cameras now take you on extreme vertical tours alongside famous climbers.

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