Vibroy Portable Vibrating Speakers Use Everyday Objects to Blast Your Tunes

vibroy speaker image© ThinkGeek

We love ways to turn tiny electronics into more powerful versions of themselves without relying on even more electronic devices. So things like the Trash Amp or even a stick of bamboo are winning ideas to us. That's why this Vibroy speaker has our attention.

It is a tiny speaker that can be attached to pretty much any object that will project sound, like a cup, a box, cooking pots, a milk carton and so on. The object acts as the amplifier for the vibrations pushed out by the Vibroy speaker. This way, you have just a tiny electronic device to carry around, and hook up for bigger sound later. No extra electronics or electricity needed.

Here's a video showing how it sounds:

It's sold out at ThinkGeek right now, but will hopefully be available again soon for around $30.

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