Vers Cherry iPod Dock


Many years ago, when my 1972 Sherwood amp and records filled a wall unit, a friend replaced all of his gear with a Walkman and a tiny amplifier; I was seriously impressed. The records and cassettes are history and CDs are following as we move to dematerialized music in our little green iPods; I still plug mine into my Sherwood but like the looks of this little green docking station and amplifier.

It replaces 80% of the plastic with sustainably harvested cherry, is screwed together for disassembly, uses half the power of a conventional amp and comes in recycled packaging. They also claim that it sounds better: "There's a reason why many musical instruments are still made of wood; nothing sounds as warm, as rich - or as natural." Not cheap at $159 but Vers claims "The hand craftsmanship required to create a Vers system takes time - more than a week to build one cabinet." Now if only it were solar powered. ::Vers via ::Hippyshopper

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