Verde Energy Audit App for iPad Now Free Until Earth Day

Verde iPad app© Verde

If you'd like some help tracking your home or office energy consumption, either to cut costs that come out of your wallet, or to cut down on energy with costs that come out of our environment, the new Verde iPad app will come in handy. And right now, it's also free!

Verde lets you take an inventory of the electrical appliances, gadgets, and lights you already have, and then calculates the total energy consumption along with the expected costs (based on your local electricity rates). Choose your appliances from their list, or add your own, and then customize the data to your liking. The app then suggests changes you can make to save both energy and money.

Verde iPad app© Verde

The app can also demonstrate the cost savings possible with energy efficient upgrades for appliances, or changes in behavior, such as leaving lights off during the day, or setting your A/C thermostat to run less often.

Right now, Verde is free until Earth Day 2012 ($4.99 value), so what are you waiting for? Put your iPad to work for the environment and for your budget by auditing your energy consumption with Verde.

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