Vent Miser: Pass or Fail?

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We're a little undecided on this one because this heating system gadget has as many cons as handy pros. So, read on for details and put in your vote on if this is a pass or fail eco-item. The Vent Miser is a gadget that replaces a central heating or AC vent in a particular room. It can be programmed to open or close the vent to better regulate heat going into a room - after all, do you really want to heat up a guest bedroom when there aren't any guests staying with you?

The pro is that this could potentially help with a heat savings. But the con is that a really noticeable savings probably won't happen. You'd need to keep doors shut and even then some heat will likely leak through the vent into the unused room. It also doesn't mean that your heater will necessarily work less - it will still be pumping the same amount of heat out until the thermostat registers the particular temperature at which your thermostat is set. Your thermostat only might reach that set temperature faster is all. You may want to utilize and Ecobee smart thermostat to program and monitor your energy use and see if these vents really help.

Another pro is that this can be automatically programmed. But do you really need to have a battery-operated gadget installed instead of just going and opening or shutting your vent yourself? It could help if you are a somewhat forgetful person, or if you don't want to grab a step stool every time you want to mess with your vent.

While it is possible to use this device to get a savings on your heating bill this winter, we don't really think it's worth the $30 per Vent Miser. It's probably better to use that money towards an energy audit and materials for insulating your windows and doors.

But what do you think? Is this a helpful gadget or a battery-and-plastic waste?

Via Coolest Gadgets
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