UV Light makes Eco-Friendly Microchips. Cool.


University College London has a team of researchers who might’ve come up with a greener microchip. And cheaper too. Chips normally require manufacture via energy hungry furnaces pumping temperatures around 1,000°C (1,832°F) but now this team of boffins have made it happen at room temp, through the use of low heat Ultra Violet light. Seems the UV light (at a wavelength of 126 nanometers, in case you were wondering) cause oxygen molecules to energised atoms which are ideal for oxidising silicon, without heating it. Although just at proof-of-concept prototyping stage the idea is that the production energy load is lower and costs might fall, not mention the environmental savings in not having to fuel those furnaces. Because the chips don’t need to be heated it has been suggested that chips could possibly be also made on cloth, paper and plastic. via ::Technology News and ::All Headline News.