Use Your iPhone to Smash Your Food this Thanksgiving

Getting kids to understand the connection between their diet, nutrition, and health at an early age can help them establish healthy habits for life, and this free iOS app just might be cool enough to motivate them to learn more about the foods they choose.

Smash Your Food is a free iPhone and iPad app from Food N' Me that aims to help children learn about the amounts of salt, oil, and sugar in the "most commonly abused" foods. And it isn't presenting it to them in a totally boring manner, because the app works not by instructing directly, but by letting the kids try to guess the amounts, and then showing them in a very graphic manner just what that looks like:

Watch your kids SMASH a burger, CRUSH a milkshake, DEMOLISH a soda and POUND a pizza! Smash Your Food invites players to test their knowledge of the sugar, fat and oil content in commonly abused foods, then watch it get smashed - literally! Choose from a variety of fridges featuring Messy Breakfast, Mushy Mess or complete the holiday themed fridge to watch a carved pumpkin get squished. As players correctly guess the content in each item, new achievements are completed and tokens in the form of golden carrots are earned. With the right amount of carrots, players can then unlock additional fridges and become a legendary smasher. Along the way, learn valuable tips about alternate food choices and accept challenges to have a healthier lifestyle. Smash Your Food proves that playing with your food is not only fun but educational as well!

Smash Your Food incorporates HD video of real food getting squashed, along with realistic sound effects, making this the Gallagher of nutrition apps. Users can choose from different types of foods and fridges, including holiday (full Thanksgiving dinner!) versions, with some "Crazy Foods" added to the selection, and kids get nutrition tips after each smash. They can also take healthy eating challenges and commit to making better food choices right from the app, and can earn achievements that unlock other foods and fridges.

Smash Your Food was one of the winners in Michelle Obama's "Apps for Healthy Kids Contest".

Download the free Smash Your Food app at iTunes, or play the online version instead.

Use Your iPhone to Smash Your Food this Thanksgiving
Motivate your kids (and yourself) to make healthy food choices by letting them smash food with your iPhone while they're learning about basic nutrition.

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