USB-Heated Fingerless Gloves Keep the Thermostat Turned Down

USB port heated gloves photo

Photo via USB Brando

If you’re having trouble keeping warm as the weather cools but are reluctant to heat the whole house just to keep your digits intact while working on the computer, try out these cool gloves that plug right in to your PC. You can keep your hands toasty with gloves that plug right in to your USB port and use your computer or game station as its energy source. There are a range of styles – fingerless, convertible, some with little animals to keep you chuckling to yourself or bright colors to ward off winter blues (pictured above) – as well as a range of prices, from $8 to $25 depending on your style.

It’s a pretty great way to keep warm while keeping away from the thermostat knob. The only thing that would be neater is if it used the waste heat from the computer instead of power. Now that would really be green. But of course waste heat from laptops already keeps your lap quite toasty...

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